"Management is doing things right...Leadership is doing the right things." Fortune Cookie

“Always do what is right. It will gratify most of the people and astound the rest.”  Mark Twain 


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

 I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
Walt Disney

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
Arthur C. Clarke


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2014-15 Community Budget Hearings

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Budget Meetings

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• 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 22, online with Mayor Greg Stanton and City Manager Ed Zuercher.

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ASPTEA members can now sign up for Aflac at discount Rates! 

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Order Approves Phoenix Union Release Time

   We were facing returning back to our original jobs and labor representation was at a stand still.  Upon reflection, it is amazing how a court of law missed the point and believed it was doing justice for the taxpayers. In reality, this decision brought no justice to the taxpayers. The only justice was for certain self-serving, political people who are working diligently to destroy our workforce, our city and our state. They'll deny that their motive is to break barriers to their own power and wealth by stripping workers of their rights, wages and benefits.   The people who believe this nonsense have been successful. They have poured huge amounts of money, time and effort to influence Arizona to become a third world state...and their efforts are paying off.  Arizona legislators are listening and they are convinced that setting us back sixty years with legal discrimination is putting us on the right track.

The masses never believed this could happen...sitting back blindly while the plan is put into place.  What they don't understand is when it's too late, it's too late.  So as the plan marches forward, the next step is to take away your pension, take away your job, and bring in the next load of sheep to take over.  Apathy is going to force us to face our demons. The strategy is working well and once the damage is done, the work ahead will be tremendous. The taxpayers will eventually know the reality when they are forced to pick up the tab for economic ruin and mismanagement.  At that point, we can all meet at Starbucks for our last cup of coffee! 

Release Time Confusion
In the last few days there has been a wave of confusion. Maricopa County Superior Court ruled, “Release time for Unions is illegal”.  Well that is a shock and truly not correct, but you have to listen to the decision. Immediately after this was released the City of Phoenix decided to act and order all Union and Association officials back to work to their original jobs.  The heat of this situation got blazing, everyone immediately went into response mode and the legal troops were called in.  What makes this strange is:

    1- None of the groups outside of PLEA (Police officers Association) were named or made a part of the claim.
    2- We were never given due process in the issue nor were we requested to provide evidence to this claim.
    3- This decision to enjoin us is over reaching and any legal person knows this has consequences.
    4- Causes economic harm and damages to all involved.
    5- With this action there is Breach of Contract, which is illegal.

So, what happens?  Well as many have read the decision ordering us back has been temporarily put on hold.   Lawyers on both sides have been communicating with the City to arrive at some sort of agreement to comply with this court decision and provide our services to employees.
In the next few weeks our recommendations for addressing this issue will be presented.

I ask all members to remain calm and not to panic, I will keep you posted at our next general membership meeting and will release updates as we know them.  Thank you for your understanding and support.
Focus Group
During the month of January, ASPTEA held focus groups to share with members what is going on with upcoming negotiations. Thank you to all the people who attended and shared thoughts with us. 

 As many may suspect, this year is going to be a difficult time with negotiations. We are working collaboratively to reach an understanding of how we recover from the past concessions and determine what the future has in store for us. Unfortunately, the format has radically changed and politics has entered the equation. Some of our elected officials, at various levels, have initiated a anti-worker platform and disguised it as some remedy to solve financial gaps and national dysfunction. 

 Todays work force has become a pawn at the hands of those in power.  They are focused on keeping us at odds while confusing the public about the facts. When malicious propaganda is repackaged and sold to the public, there is a outraged reaction. Lying has become the new reality.

It now seems to be acceptable to lie and pretend that false information is valid. This approach is working and many people are blindly buying it.  These groups and individuals have figured out since most people are distracted by their daily lives and live paycheck to paycheck. These groups and individuals are creating a new wave of persecution in the name of liberty and justice for all. Who would have ever thought that history would repeat itself? Salem here we come? 

So what does one do to deal with this? I tell people not to fear these moments or conversations. If history is any indicator, they too shall see justice. When oppression oppresses beyond its form, then people will realize that such behavior has no benefit and we come to our senses. But this will take time. 

Once again thank you to the members who attended our focus groups and stay tuned to see what happens.


Arizona's public employees work hard to serve you and your families and to build strong communities.

In the opening week of the Arizona legislature, Rep. John Kavanagh introduced legislation to amend the state constitution to allow cuts to public employee pensions and increases in employee contributions. You can read more about Kavanagh’s plan here . Other pension related legislation is in the works too.

The defined pension plans that public servants have earned help save taxpayer money while stimulating the state and national economy. Don't let these modest benefits get turned over to the same Wall Street insiders who crashed the economy.

Join the Arizona Retirement Security Coalition and take a stand for the middle class. The Arizona AFL-CIO is proud to be a member of this growing grass-roots coalition. I urge you to get the facts and learn how you can fight back by logging on to

Rebekah Friend

Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer

Arizona AFL-CIO

Snap Shot Case

In recent days, many people have been talking about receiving a copy of “Under Advisement Ruling” concerning our Snap Shot case. First of all we are not sure how this document got circulated, but it is NOT a final decision. All the document includes are discussion items from the judge. Additionally the document requests that both parties submit closing briefs on these discussion items by February 5, 2014. Attorneys are communicating with each other and responses will be prepared accordingly. The bottom-line, the judge has not reached the conclusion. So, lets not jump to conclusions or make hasty decisions until we know the final decision. We are hoping this will be resolved shortly.
What's Happening?
Welcome to 2014, as we enter the New Year many of us are recovering from the holidays and enjoying the time off. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year.

Starting in the right direction, as we ended the year many members were wondering what happens next year, Negotiating time? Well in years past we released a survey and asked what you thought. This time around we are having focus groups. The purpose of the focus groups is to hear from you what your thoughts and ideas are for the upcoming negotiations. We all have some idea what the picture might look like, but this does not eliminate the ability to talk about other suggestions.  In the next few weeks’ focus group meetings have been scheduled and we are asking members to come and share what you see for the future.  See more..


Anyone ready for a Las Vegas Trip


On 11/8/13, our legal team made their final oral arguments before Superior court Judge Brian.  Must Login and be a member to see rest of article.

New Employee’s on Probation

Posted 11/10/2013 Written by Ron Ramirez

New employees to the City are under the impression that belonging to ASPTEA during probation has no benefit. This is totally incorrect. In recent weeks we have received a flood of calls from new employee’s that are nearing the end of their probation and now facing termination.  What went wrong? First of all, not being a member of ASPTEA limits representation.

Everyone thinks it won’t happen to him or her. They have never experienced not passing probation or being let go. Working for the City is a different experience. Certain approaches may be acceptable in private industry, but don't work with the City. One of the most obvious barriers is the historical culture of the organization. Another is the inconsistant enforcement of policies and regulations.  Combine this with individual personalities and you have a formula for leaving the organization. So, how do you prevent or work through this mess?  Well being a member of ASPTEA gives you first hand help in navigating through this obstacle course. Most people think their department HR representatives will guide them during these difficult times. NO! They will call security and walk you to door.  


Don’t wait until you have a pre-term and expect to have us save the day!



Call ASPTEA and schedule a session on how to make your probation Successful.


ASPTEA Board Members receiving their certificate from the ILR School at Cornell University. It is a course to learn how to become an arbitrator. From left to right are Dick Fincher (instructor) ASPTEA Board President Ron Ramirez, Secretary-Elect Beth Benning, Chief Representative Jason Stokes and Vice President Colleen Lockwood(kneeling).
Pension Reform. WOW!

Posted on 11/3/2013 11:00 am Written by Ron Ramirez

Crazy would be an understatement to describe what we just witnessed.  Many people were watching the events of the latest pension reform meetings, and decision makers really showed what’s on their minds.  
You have to wonder... is this a way to make decisions about people’s futures? The arguments went from one extreme to another, with the employees caught in the middle. Once the dust settles and the AZ Republic spins the message, we will be left to clean the mess. I have said many times, this is not about the financial crisis. It is purely a political ideology based on destruction. You may wonder what do we do now? We have learned throughout history that by working together we are stronger.  Recently employees submitted over 1861 cards voicing their opposition to pension reform. That was a good first step. But it was not enough.  We need to continue speaking up, and continue exercizing our right to vote to positively affect change.

I can still see the complacency in peoples eyes. Too many are afraid or just aren't paying attention to what is happening or lies ahead. I know that I cannot convince everyone, but I will NOT stand by and watch poor decision making chip away at our agreements.  This conversation is not over! We will continue to work toward solutions to help everyone.  I encourage those who are still sitting on the sidelines to step up and start helping yourselves and your peers to affect positive change. Now that our path has been set, the next phase is to figure out how many bridges we have to build to get across. 


Can You Believe this!

All e-mail being sent to the City Council are being public records requested by the Arizona Republic.  We are contacting our legal counsel regarding this open ended request.  Here is what you will receive if you choose to send written correspondence:

Thank you for e-mailing the City of Phoenix Mayor/Council office. Because of a public records request, your e-mail also will be reviewed by the Arizona Republic. If your e-mail contains information that you believe is confidential and should not be released, please immediately call 602-262-7029 for assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Trampling on Your Opinion

Posted on 11/19/2013 Written by Ron Ramirez 

The Constitution protects our right to free speech.  Because of this, most Americans have felt safe to speak their minds.  As social media has become a major communication tool, many believe that they can post anything on Facebook or Twitter with no consequence. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly true.  Recently, there has been a trend toward litigation and even employer discipline against individuals who post opinions that are perceived as negative. This can get tricky because even the undertone of a comment can be considered negative.

So what does this mean?  It means that even though it might feel good to let the genie out of the bottle, you might want to consider how it will be perceived by others, including your employer.  It means that we need to guard our words and actions at the workplace AND on-line.  The bottom means  we need to think before we post.



ASPTEA has started the process of negotiations.

Week Six Meeting April 16, 2014

Negotiation Debriefing Meeting

Week Five No Meeting Scheduled

Week Four No Meeting Scheduled

Week Three Meeting Mar 26,2014

Week Two Meeting Mar 19, 2014

Week One Meeting Mar 12, 2014

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