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ASPTEA members can now sign up for Aflac at discount Rates! 

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Membership Meeting

Members Only

Membership Meeting

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Lower Council Chambers

Topics include:

Nominations for ASPTEAPresident, Treasurer and 2 Directors at Large

Sick and Vacation Snapshot


Release Time


Retirement Expo

Refreshments will be served

Retirement is life’s biggest adventure. Make the most of it with the City of Phoenix Fall Expo.

September 29, 2016
Time: 9 am–2 pm
Phoenix City Hall Atrium
200 W. Washington St.

Leave Donations & Las Vegas Trip

Friday September 2nd is a big day for ASPTEA for a couple of reasons, Leave Donations and the ASPTEA Las Vegas Trip.


Leave Donations


First, all leave donations must be received in HR by the end of the day on Friday, September 2nd to be counted for next year’s total hours available.  As a member, you can donate at any time of the year, but H.R. will only total the donations once per year.  As you all know, in July, you received 3 additional vacation hours.  Please consider donating those hours so that ASPTEA can continue to advocate for your wages, benefits and fair treatment.  I have attached the donation form, we would prefer if you would send it to us either e-mail, fax or drop it off at the office so that we can do our own calculation to double check H.R.’s math.  You can respond to this e-mail, our fax# is 602-254-1373 or we are at 111 W. Monroe suite 1200 (12th floor).  If you have any questions, please give me a call 602-254-6320


Las Vegas Trip


September 2nd is also the deadline for the first payment for the November 10th-12th Las Vegas Trip.  We will be staying 2 nights at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street and running a shuttle to the strip on Friday, November 11th.  

If you have never gone, this is your chance to meet other ASPTEA members and have a whole lot of fun.  If you have been on an ASPTEA excursion, you already know how fun it is.  There will be Bingo, prizes, Cross the line, drinks, snacks, movies, zip lines, street performers, live music, swimming with the sharks and of course a networking reception on Thursday night.  Don’t miss it!  Attached is the registration form, as always, don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.

ASPTEA Donation Form.pdf

ASPTEA Las Vegas Trip.pdf


Negotiations Update
ASPTEA concluded negotiations, agreeing to a 3 year MOA with a 4.2% economic restoral as well as over 40 non-economic changes to our contract and additional association/management agenda items.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the ASPTEA Executive Board: Colleen Ostrander, David Nieto, Beth Benning, Joe Niles, Donna May, Ron Ramirez and Lisa Huggins-Hubbard for all of their hard work as well as all of you for your support during this very trying and ultimately successful negotiation.

While on July 1, 2018, we will only return to where we were in 2010, there is still a possibility that the February 2018 trigger will be hit.  Either way, this is the best package we have seen in a very long time.  In addition, we have secured or will begin discussion on several employee rights that will improve working conditions, job security and the health and welfare of us all.

So thanks again for entrusting us with the opportunity to negotiate your contract.



Effective today, all Unit 7 employees have had an additional 3 hours vacation added to their leave banks.  We are in desperate need of your leave contributions so that we can keep our doors open and continue to protect your pay, benefits, pension & your job.

ASPTEA is committed to ensuring fair pay, benefits and treatment of all Unit 7 employees.  These are just a few of the recent victories ASPTEA has won for you:

* Sick Leave Snapshot – Won

* Proposition 487 – Beaten

* Pay Freezes - Prevented

* Tier 2 Pension contribution – Reduced 4% starting next month

* MERP Changes – Stopped

* Longevity Pay – Saved

* Merit Increases - Saved

Representation does not exist in the City of Phoenix without your donations.  ASPTEA depends entirely on your donated leave to assist unit members and negotiate your wage and benefits.  The Goldwater Institute is betting that they can eliminate employee representation in Phoenix by making ASPTEA depend on donations.  Yes, the same Goldwater Institute that tried to take your pension with Proposition 487 and the same group that tried to outsource our jobs with SB 1322.  If they get their way, we will be no different than the State:  pay freezes, no step increases, no productivity enhancement and at will employment.

All unit 7 employees are eligible to donate up to 40 hours per year.    Member or not, donate, it’s in your best interest! 

Below is the donation form.

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Membership Update

The following information was sent out to the retiree group. Thanks to the relentless efforts of ASPTEA, our labor partners and the calls and e-mails from our retirees, the City has decided to reverse their decision to put the pre-medicare retirees on the Towers-Watson OneExchange. One more victory and further proof of the benefits of membership!

We heard you. We care. The City’s coverage is back.  Representatives from COPRA and the Health Care Task Force advocated to give non-Medicare retirees and family members the option to return to City retiree coverage.

You can continue your City retiree medical coverage in 2016 by contacting the City’s Benefits Office at (602) 262-4777 or Premiums will be deducted from pension checks.

Non-Medicare public safety retirees will have the State Subsidy applied to their monthly premium.

Why did the City change its mind?

The healthcare marketplace changed a lot for 2016. When compared to 2015, there are fewer plans with lower levels of coverage at a higher cost. These changes could not be predicted when the decision was made to transition retiree coverage to OneExchange. We now know the marketplace can’t provide a comparable level of cost or coverage for City retirees.

What about Medicare eligible retirees and family members?

Medicare eligible retirees and family members have had a better experience finding comparable medical coverage and premium costs running an average of $235 per month.

What about dental coverage?

Dental coverage will be available again no later than June 1, 2016.

How Do I Cancel My Individual Medical Plan?

If you are enrolled in an individual plan that begins January 1, 2016 and you wish to cancel it, contact your insurance carrier directly to cancel the policy and request a premium refund. Do this before January 1st.

Open Enrollment

A mid-year Open Enrollment will occur in April 2016. Look for an Open Enrollment booklet in the mail.

Please see the reverse side of this postcard for important information about your City of Phoenix retiree medical coverage.

We know you’ll have questions about this news. Please look for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the mail soon or find them online today at

You received this postcard because:

1) You are enrolled in City retiree medical coverage today [Cigna HMO, BCBS PPO or BCBS Savers Choice High Deductible Plan], and

2) You and/or your spouse or domestic partner are not Medicare eligible."